Games Descriptions (N-O)

Naughts and Crosses Relay

Active, Running, Team

Time - Short (5-10 minutes)

Group Size - Any

Equipment Needed - 9 matching plates per game, stack of bowls in two different colours

Set the plates up in a 3x3 square, forming the nine spaces of a naughts and crosses board, and place the bowls either side of the board.

Split the group into two teams, with each team lining up the same distance from the board (this can be a long or short distance depending on the area.)

As the game begins, the first player from each team runs to the board and places one marker, then runs back and tags the next player, who does the same thing.

This continues until one team has three markers in a row, which wins the game.

Newspaper Hit

Active, Chair

Time - Short (5-10 minutes)

Group Size - Any

Equipment Needed - Blindfold, rolled up newspaper, chair

The group sits in a circle around a chair with a tennis ball or other small object under it, with someone sitting on the chair with a blindfold on and holding a rolled up newspaper.

People sitting in the circle take turns to sneak up on the person and try and take the object without being tagged by the newspaper. If unsuccessful, another person from the circle tries next. If successful, the person who grabbed the object becomes the person on the chair.

Nick Nack

Non-Active, Circle

Time - Short (5-10 minutes)

Group Size - Small to medium. Works well as a rotation

Equipment Needed - Objects to be nicks and nacks

Choose two small ordinary objects. Designate one as the nick and the other as the nack. 

Sit the group down in a circle. The leader begins to hand the Nick to the person on their right, saying, “This is a Nick.”

The person receiving responds, “A what?”

The leader confirms, “A Nick.”

The person receiving the Nick takes it and says, “Thank you.”

The person then begins to pass it to the next person, saying, “This is a Nick.”

The next person responds, “A what?”

The person holding the Nick then also wants to know what they are holding and also says “A what?”

The leader confirms, “A Nick.”

And the person holding the Nick confirms to the next person, “A Nick.”

The person receiving the Nick takes it and says, “Thank you.”

The game continues in a likewise manner, with “A what?” always travelling back to the leader, and “A Nick,” returning to the person holding it. Eventually, the Nick will make it the whole way around the circle, back to the leader.

Playing with the Nick on its own is a good way to get kids familiar with the pattern and the phrases. When they seem comfortable with how the game works, start a second round, but after sending the Nick to the left, send the Nack to the right, with the goal of getting both around the circle while still using the pattern.


Active, Circle

Time - Short (5-10 minutes)

Group Size - Small to medium

Equipment Needed - none

Everyone stands in a tight circle in the middle of the space, with a hand in the middle. On the count of three, everyone jumps outwards while yelling their ninja name. The person who makes it the furthest from the middle goes first.

Each person, going around the circle, takes turns to make one movement, where they attempt to get other people out by slapping them on the hand. A person being attacked is able to react to avoid getting out. A person is only allowed one movement on their turn, and each movement has to either be attacking or moving towards another player.

Play continues until everyone but one person is out.

Over Under

Active, Team, Ball

Time - Short (5 minutes)

Group Size - medium to large

Equipment Needed - ball for each group, cones to stand behind optional

Split the group into teams of around 7-10. Each team needs a ball.

The ball starts at the front of each line, where the lead person passes it over their head to the next person, who then passes it under their legs. This continues until the ball reaches the back of the line, where the last person runs to the front of the line and begins again. 

A team wins when the person who started at the front makes it back to the front again.