Meet the Team

James McMahon

Parish Youth Minister

Hi! I’m James, and I work as the Youth Minister here in the Parish.

I’ve been a part of this Parish since 2002 and I have loved being a part of many different Parish groups. Youth ministry is something I have been passionate about since I experienced my first taste of it at Connect in 2008. Since then, my involvement in the Parish, particularly in its youth programs has only grown, as has my love for our community.

I really believe in nurturing young people, and creating spaces for them where they feel safe and can grow as people and as Christians. Perhaps my biggest joy, however, is seeing young people empowered, making their faith their own, and growing into amazing leaders to share their gifts with others, especially the next generation of youth.

Chloe Wright-Coombes

Assistant Youth Minister

Hi! I'm Chloe and I am an Assistant Youth Minister at Youth Matters. I've been apart of different YM groups, such as Connect and Drop-in, since I started high school in 2016. I love that I have been given the opportunity to lead the youth in this position. 

I'm very passionate about youth ministry and providing the youth with opportunities to encounter God and the joy of Salesian leadership. While working at YM I am also studying a Bachelor of Psychology.

My hope is that through this role I can encourage and empower the youth to be good people and to grow deeper in their faith. 


Assistant Youth Minister

Hi! I’m Caitlin and I am an Assistant Youth Minister here at Youth Matters. I have been a part of the Parish since I first began involved in Youth Matters groups in 2013, and since then, have been extremely passionate about Youth Ministry and Salesian leadership. While working with Youth Matters, I'm studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Economics and Finance at university.

I am very excited to be able to give the current youth of the community the same opportunities as I was granted, and I look forward to continuing to create an environment where we can foster new faith experiences and enable young people to flourish and grow in their gifts and passions.