Moved with Compassion



This Sunday’s gospel postulates one of the greatest challenges for us in our faith – forgiveness. Jesus tells the parable of the servant who owed a great debt to the King. The servant says to the King, “Be patient with me and I will pay you back in full.” The King was so moved with compassion that he let the servant go and forgave him of his loan.

As I reflected on this story, the words “moved with compassion” struck me. What does that mean? To me, it shows that love is an action. The King’s compassion for the servant compelled him to act - not only to grant the servant’s request for more time to pay the debt but actually abolishing the requirement for payment at all! Forgiveness isn’t something that is necessarily deserved or earned but it is an action that will naturally spring forth from a compassionate, loving heart. This is the kind of love that Jesus shows to us and we are called to model this love for each other.

Today is R U OK Day, a reminder to reach out and connect to those important to us. Let us be challenged to be “moved with compassion” for one another. Let us use kindness, patience and empathy to create meaningful and supportive relationships with each other.

- Mel