Carrying your cross



Have ever encountered a situation where you thought you knew what you were doing, but somehow everything just went wrong? In year 8 PHDE we were learning gymnastics and were given a task to create and perform a routine for the class. I was super excited because I loved this sport and knew a few cool tricks from when I practised in primary school.

My friend and I had come up with this super cool routine where we did cartwheels and then I did flipish type thing (my poor attempt of a barani). My friend and I practised the routine to perfection on the grass outside of the gym. When the time came to perform, we moved inside to where the gym mats were all set up and took off our shoes. We were nailing the routine. It was great! That is until it came to my barani... I took a run-up to leap and flip myself, bringing my hands in. Unfortunately for me, I never practised properly on the mats, with socks… As soon as I took a leap, my foot chose that moment to slip on the mats. My hands jolted out to try to save myself in some way, but it buckled. My head slammed into the floor and my body ended up sprawled in some tangled mess on the mat.

Things didn't end up as planned, clearly. I thought I knew exactly what I was doing because I loved gymnastics right and knew some cool moves. In the Gospel reading this Sunday, we see a continuation of Peter's journey as a disciple from last Sunday's reading. Last Sunday, Peter declared that Jesus is the Christ; Jesus blessed him for his faith. He was looking in great form, ready for anything. However, this Sunday, Jesus teaches us that our journey in faith doesn’t stop at our declaration in faith.

Just like I needed more than outside practice and love for the sport to perform properly, we too need to do more to truly follow Jesus, and sometimes that means sacrifices, taking up our cross. This isn’t easy and may challenge how we think, act or even our way of living. However, just like Peter, we too have Jesus walking with us on this journey. He has gone before us and has experienced the crosses we might bear and more. He is always there to support us and encourage us along the way and may do it in ways we don’t always expect it ❤️