Who do you say I am?



This is the question Jesus poses to Peter in this Sunday's gospel, and one that we may have asked ourselves several times in our own faith journey. Who is Jesus?

Just like the disciples, sometimes we hear the voices of others or see the actions of others, and compare and base Jesus on these experiences. Some of the disciples, and many other Israelites, thought the Christ would strike all the Romans and leaders who were oppressing them- 'deliver Israel'. But Jesus wasn't what they expected; he had no intention of striking them down with thunder and lightning. Rather, he came down and walked among the people. He sought out the vulnerable and helped each one he encountered.

Through the scriptures we see that Jesus wants a personal relationship with us. In the same way that he asks the disciples, Jesus also encourages us to think about our personal relationship with him. Like Peter, may we too be able to listen to the voice of God, who reveals who he truly is.

‘Peter answered "You are the Christ," "the Son of the living God".’