This is a storytelling card game about mystery, murder and persuasion. The Mafia are trying to takeover a town using nighttime murders while trying to remain anonymous to the remaining Civilians in the daily crisis meetings, who are exiling or killing anyone they suspect to be working with the Mafia

Designate someone to be the narrator.

The narrator chooses a number of cards equal to the number of players. Around ⅔ should be red Civilian cards, while the other ⅓ are black Mafia cards.

The town then “goes to sleep” (everyone closes their eyes) and the narrator wakes up the Mafia and each power card in sequence, only identifying the player by their role and the player only silently communicating with the narrator.

The town wakes up, and people begin to start hearing rumors of the Mafia beginning to get more violent in the town.

Everyone then goes back to sleep. The narrator wakes everyone up in order again, this time taking full turns. The Mafia chooses someone to kill, the Doctor saves someone, the Cop investigates someone, and so on until everyone has taken a turn.

Everyone wakes up, and the narrator announces the results of the night, including if anyone died during the night.

The town then holds a meeting to discuss who they think the Mafia is, at the end of which they vote on who they think the Mafia is, with the person with the most votes being exiled/killed by the town.

Everyone then goes back to sleep. This cycle continues until no more Mafia remain, or the Mafia have such a numbers advantage over the Civilians that it would be impossible to lose, which is tracked by the narrator.

Additional power-card rules and modifications can be found here.