Spoons is a card game of luck awareness that works well for large groups of players. It uses a standard deck of cards without Jokers. It also requires a spoon for every player except one.

Deal everyone four cards, then place the remaining cards as well as the spoons in the middle. All players should be within arm’s reach of the majority of the spoons.

The first player picks up a card from the stack, then chooses a card to discard from their hand, placing it adjacent to the next player, who then picks up that card and chooses a card to discard. This continues around the circle, with each player aiming to get four of the same value.

The first person to achieve this picks up a spoon. Everyone else must then try and grab a spoon before everyone else can. The person without a spoon is eliminated, then cards are collected, shuffled and dealt, with another person being eliminated each round until one person wins.

This can also be played without spoons. Instead, the first player to get four matching cards sticks out their tongue, and the last person to stick out their tongue is eliminated.