Trouble in Terrorist Town

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a game about subterfuge, tension, and unknowing teamwork. A group of secret wrongdoers aim to take over a small town, but they are outnumbered by the well-armed but oblivious Civilians. The Mafia can use a number of tactics to whittle down the Civilians' numbers, while the Civilians aim to expose the terrorists and defeat them.

Give everyone a sword. One person organises a set of cards equal to the number of players, made up of ⅓ black cards and ⅔ red cards. These are Mafia/Terrorist and Civilian cards respectively.

Everyone stands in a circle and cards are dealt. Everyone closes their eyes and looks down, and the leader instructs everyone with black cards to open their eyes and find out who is on their team, before closing their eyes and looking back down.

Everyone opens their eyes and looks up, followed by a 30 second peacetime. After that time, the Mafia can start killing people.

The Mafia’s aim is to kill all of the Civilians. The Civilians' aim is to figure out who the Mafia is and kill them.

Kills occur by striking another person with your sword anywhere beside their head or the forearm holding their sword. The Mafia can kill anyone at any time, while Civilians can only kill with a legitimate reason to think someone is Mafia.

The game ends when only members from one team remain.

Variations such as doctor, detective and serial killer from the Mafia card game can also be used when appropriate.