Mary, Mother of God



Mary, the Mother of God, is one incredible lady, and this weekend, the church celebrates the assumption of Mary into Heaven, where she is taken, body and soul into God’s presence. Three things I really admire about Mary is:

1. Her Openness- As someone who struggles with the unknown, I often try to control my environment, so there is some sort of predictable element. Mary teaches me, and all of us, how to be open and receptive to the Spirit in our lives.

2.Her Reflectiveness- Mary didn’t always understand everything God had in store for her; however, scripture says that she often pondered and treasured these things in her heart.

3. Her faithfulness- Mary had many many challenges in her life, but despite this, she stayed faithful to God, trusting in his plan and will. Mary too encourages us to turn to God during challenging times, and have faith that God will always do what is good for us in the end.

This week as we celebrate the assumption of Mary, let us look to her as an example of discipleship and pray that we too can be open to God’s will, reflect on the Spirit’s call and be faithful in our faith journey.