Calming the storm



Last Sunday we read about the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. Jesus had just lost his cousin, and withdrew to process. When a crowd followed him he felt compassion and reached out to help the crowd with their needs.

This Sunday, we hear the continuation of the reading. After feeding the crowd Jesus sent his disciples ahead of him to the next part of their journey, and took some time to be alone with his Father and pray. At the same time a storm brews, causing the disciples to be afraid as their boat was tossed around by the wind and waves. Jesus came and met them, calming the storm.

Life throws us curveballs, just take this year for an example. There may be different life pressures that cause us to be tired, afraid or anxious. It is in these moments that we need our Lord the most. Even Jesus took some time out just to be with his Father God. I can’t help but think about what Jesus must have gone through, being on his feet the whole time in ministry but also processing the death of his cousin. No matter how big our to-do list gets or the different challenges that come our way, our Heavenly Father is ready to be with us at every moment; we only need to make time for him.