Youth Matters Engadine

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What can your child expect on Summer Camp? First and foremost it’s three days worth of fun, group challenges, games, and activities. Camp is a really great way for kids to build new relationships with their peers, as well as strengthen their existing relationships.

At Summer Camp we pitch tents on Hanley Field to sleep in, so having a tent (or a friend with one) is essential. We ask that all campers have their sleeping arrangements organised before coming on camp.

On the second night of camp, we host a talent night which parents and carers are encouraged to attend. Campers are welcome to come prepared with a talent, or to come up with one on camp.

The Salesian Camps in Engadine are organised and run by the trained leaders and volunteers of Youth Matters; who are passionate about encouraging and supporting young people, following in the footsteps of St John Bosco.

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Monday Madness skits!

In the early stages of COVID Lockdowns, we put together a number of short skits.
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Formation/ Reflections


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