Connect Mass

a chance to CONNECT with fellow young people


This year, we're starting an initiative to bring an even more youth-vibe to the youth mass. Once a month, after 5pm mass we launch straight into some musical bangers and do a few icebreakers to give everyone a chance to get to know other young people in our community they otherwise might not have met. From there we'll have a short talk, video, drama, or testimony relating to the theme of that night's mass. The group will then get a chance to discuss the theme amongst themselves, before we finish off with some more music and a free dinner!

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in taking on a role during the Connect Mass, whether that's reading, offertory, music, helping with dinner, or speaking - the options are endless!

WHEN: Every fourth Sunday of the month from 5pm - 7pm

WHO: All are welcome!

WHERE: St John Bosco Church, Engadine