Short Skits

The Ball

-Picking up multiple balls, but not willing to pick up faith ball without dropping others.

-Moral: Putting God first.

-Link to bible verse?

Tie the knot - Balloons given at faith experiences. Only stays blown up when Jesus ties the knot

Jesus Cup - John 4:14 - (cup with holes - can't get a drink, blames the taps and the jug)

Armour of God (on at all times - someone turns up to a non church event without their armour...embarrassing)

Grand Final - Turns up to GF wanting to play but hasn’t trained or played all year (Christmas Christians)

Working for two masters (tries to do simple tasks for each boss but they conflict with each other)

Faith Health Warning ad (warning, faith will change your outlook on all aspects of life, sport, friends, work)

Thirsty - We will keep filling your cup, but better to learn where the tap is

Headphone Sketch

-Jimmy too busy to hear God speaking, but Jimmy does pray sometimes, but as soon as God can answer his prayer, Jimmy immediately does something else, it’s a one-sided conversation.

Elijah 1

Genie or Jesus?

-Three wishes, or everything you could ever wish for?

-Your wish is his command, His wish is your command.

-Conditional love VS unconditional love.

-One twists wishes, one understands wishes more deeply.

Afterlife Courtroom Drama

-Jimmy’s lawyer continually asks to trust him, even though it’s looking like Jimmy’s going away. Jimmy is found guilty, judge orders orders him to be taken away, but guards take lawyers instead of Jimmy.

Subtitled Prayer Session

- Several people are praying together, whatever one says, subtitles display the deeper meaning of their prayer.

The Gift

Jesus – Has a gift for person. It is perfect and just what they need. Jesus is gentle and patient, always inviting but never forceful.

Person – Has badly twisted ankle (representing shame) and doesn’t want to accept a gift from Jesus as that means some sort of accountability and relationship. Wants to get ankle sorted out before being seen as a ‘Christian’.

Plot – Person has note from Jesus mentioning gift, struggling to walk with ankle. Tries to avoid Jesus but runs into him and then tries to hide the sore ankle. Jesus brings up topic of gift and Person avoids topic at all costs. When can’t avoid any longer person walks to accept gift but falls in pain. Jesus goes to get gift and give to person instead but person tells Jesus to go away and they are not ready for that gift. Jesus does so and mentions gift will be left for when they want to open it. After Jesus has gone, present is eventually opened and crutches are inside, person is both embarrassed and excited about present and goes off to find Jesus to thank Him.

Skit – Just open it!

Three people take turns on stage and attempt to do everyday tasks while holding a wrapped gift. The gift is a hindrance, and after many failed attempts, they open the gift and find it is something to assist them in the task.

1. Chair – Person holding gift tries to get comfortable. Stands up at first, then tries leaning on the gift, then tries sitting on the gift. Gives up and opens the present, realising it is a chair.

2. Umbrella - Person is afraid to go outside in the rain. They try running out, they try holding present above their head, then they try swinging gift above their head repeatedly. Then gives up and opens gift.

3. Tape Measure – Person tries to measure something. First uses fingers and tries to hold arms still. Then tries pacing out the distance. Then tries using arm as a measure length. Gives up and opens gift.

The point of the skits is that sometimes we need to unwrap our gifts before we do things, rather than do things first before unwrapping them. This is an analogy of unwrapping our faith before we try to become better Christians on our own merits.

Skit – Dude, you’ve gotta see this!

James is sitting in audience with microphone, Patty walks to the front of the church, climbs the steps and stands on a chair behind the altar. Patty is amazed by something he can see in the distance and takes out his phone to call James.

James – (answering phone) – Hello

Patty – Dude, you’ve gotta see this!

The conversation continues, Patty tries to convince James to climb up to where he is to see the view, but James is very reluctant. Every time James gets a little closer he stops and has a new excuse.

· James’ Excuses

o All my friends are down here

o It seems like a long way away

o Can’t you just send me a picture

o I’m getting tired, it’s not worth it

o I’m almost there, isn’t that close enough?

James eventually gets to stand next to Patty on the chair and is equally amazed by the view. They are both very excited to be experiencing the view together. James then takes out his phone and makes a call.

James – ‘Dude, you’ve gotta see this!’

Appointment with God

Girl – Hi, I was hoping to meet up with God about a job

Secretary – and what job is that?

Girl – Well, the prayer group I’ve been going to needs a new leader and I thought maybe I could help out

Secretary – Do you have an appointment?

Girl – Umm, no…I was under the impression I didn’t need one

Secretary – Oh really? Well do you have a resume?

Girl – Yeah, it’s just here (gives it over hesitantly)

Secretary – (looks over resume – reading to herself disapprovingly) Hmm…I see….oh…really…wow….

(girl squirms awkwardly as she reads)

Secretary – Look, I don’t mean to be forward, but do you really think you have what it takes for this job? I mean, God’s not going to like some of these things.

Girl – I know but I thought I would give it a go anyway, it might be good for me

Secretary – Well, I can send you through, but this is a pretty ugly resume, are you sure you want to embarrass yourself in front of……(points out the back) you know who.

Girl – You’re right, sorry for wasting your time.

(secretary gives back the resume and girl starts to leave sadly. She stops at the door and looks at the resume again, she turns around to give it one more try)

Girl – I have a referee, did you see my referee?

Secretary (taking resume) Lets see…..oh, Jesus. Should I give Him a call?

(girl nods shyly)

Secretary – (makes a call with resume in hand) – Yes hello, Jesus, I’m just ringing about (girls name)?...Yes that’s the one, brown hair….well, yes I’m sure she is lovely….yes, well I wanted to ask a couple of questions….It says here that in the past she has had a bad habit of judging others…..oh, you’ve fixed that….right….well, it also says she can be very selfi……I see, you ‘ve taken care of it…..okay….well, there was that one time that she…..I see…that doesn’t count because…..because you paid for that in full….right, well, she is going for a job… think she would be great?...but I haven’t told you what the job is….I see, she can do all things through You….oh really?...okay…I see……well, okay thanks for your time Jesus….okay, bye.

(looks up at girl) Well I guess you can go through….In fact Jesus said God has been expecting you.

(secretary steps aside and Girl walks joyfully and confidently into room with God)