Trust Fall

Hey Jesus

Hi Charlotte

Thanks so much for meeting with me, I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship, and I think I know whats going wrong

Whats going wrong?

Yeah, and I thought maybe if I told you about it we could work something out?

Okay, well what is it?

Well, (lots of stalling)........I just don’t trust you very much

Oh really?

Yeah, well to be honest I don’t trust you at all........but I really really want to!

Ok, well thats good

But I just really don’ that’s the problem you see.

Charlotte, I can teach you to trust me if you want to learn?

Oh really, you have a book or something?

Well...yes.....but I have an excercise and I think it could really help you

Oh okay, well I guess that sounds good.

Okay, now I need you to stand over here facing this way.

Okay, thats easy

Now, you trust me?

Um, Jesus......we were kinda just talking about this. Remember? I just told you that I don’t trust you.

Okay, but this is practice


Yes, practice. So when I ask, I want you to tell me that you trust me

Even though I don’t?

Its ‘practice’


Charlotte, do you trust me?

(hesitant) Yes, Jesus I trust you

Okay, great. Now relax...take a deep breathe.....and fall back meant like (mimes falling backwards)

Yep, just like that

Ah.....okay.......and then what?

And then what?


Well, you know what your part is right?

Well.....yeah. Turn around, relax, take a deep breathe and fall back

Right, so the rest of it you don’t have to worry about

But Jesus, the rest of it is what I’m worried about

Charlotte, do you trust me

No.....I mean, ‘yes Jesus I trust you’

Okay, then turn around and fall back

What....this is crazy....okay (peeks behind her, steps backwards and walks into Jesus arms)

Ahhh, Charlotte

Jesus, that was great. Thankyou, whats next?

Well, lets try it again


But this time, I want you to keep your feet planted, and don’t look backwards.

But you were so far away....I wasn’t sure if you were close enough to catch me

Charlotte, you do know that I am Jesus right? Yeah And I can do this. Yeah, but And you can do this.. I know but...

And do you Trust me?

......Yes, Jesus I trust you

Now fall back

(talks herself into it, falls back, Jesus catches her)

Wow, Jesus that was so amazing! I was falling for like ever, and then right at the last moment you caught me.

I know, you did great

That was so exciting

You are a natural, I think we are ready for step 2

Oh yeah, lets go (turns around and starts to fall)

Whoa (catches her early) this time we are going to do it differently

What, okay. But you’re too close, back it up a little, this is too easy.

Now listen, this time I want you to turn around and face me

Well, that sounds easier to me, but whatever, You’re Jesus (falls forward)

(catches her) You gotta stop doing that

Doing what

Listen for my signal

Oh, okay, sorry.

Okay, Charlotte do you trust me?

Yes Jesus, I totally trust you so much!

Great, now fall back

..........(hesitates, thinks its a joke).....ha ha, good one Jesus

Yep, its great....especially when you actually do it

What.....are you serious

Yes, this is step 2

But there is no one behind me

Charlotte, you didn’t know I was going to catch you the first time, but you still fell

Yeah, but you were behind me, that made sense. This is crazy. You need to be over here (tries to move Jesus)

It doesn’t work that way, you gotta trust me

You know what, Oh I do trust you, remember I fell. We can do it that way again if you want?

No, I want you to move to step 2 now.

Jesus, that’s fine. I fully trust you now, there’s no need to do any more

But Charlotte, you’re only part way there

(walking off) thank you so much Jesus, I’m so glad I can trust you now! (exit)

(Jesus leaves)