Youth Matters Online Skits

Wash Your Hands.mp4

Sometimes, the answer is to just wash your hands...

Wash your feet

Jesus and the disciples run into some social distancing issues at the Last Supper...

tent part 1.mp4

Ed and James try to work out why there's a tent in the Youth Matters backyard...

Zoom skit

With Social distancing as the new normal, Ed and James ponder how to create content while only being able to video call...


It's a slow day at work at the Youth Matters house...

Cup of water.mp4

Isolation got you down? Watch now for a revolutionary new product designed to get you back on your feet in no time!

Music from

Why So Iso.mp4

James and Ed look back on what they had hoped to achieve during isolation, and wonder if any of it was achievable in the first place...

True Revenge of the

James and Ed compete over who has the most impressive pool toy.

Music: 'Darkling' and 'Intrepid' by Kevin Macleod.


Ed and James put their cooking skills to the test in a culinary face-off!

Music: 'Hot and Cold' originally by Katy Perry, 'Hot Pursuit' by Kevin Macleod

Pentecost Final.mp4

The now socially-distant aware apostles recruit a new member, but Jesus' final words to them soon ring true...

top 10 ym Final.mp4

Join Ed for a quick jaunt around the Youth Matters house as he counts down the 10 COOLEST things to be found in it's four walls!

Music by Kevin Macleod

tent pt 2.mp4

James awakes outside Youth Matters to a strange scene, but something more sinister is afoot...

Music: Bump in the Night by Kevin MacLeod, Deep Noise by Kevin MacLeod

poison final.mp4

Ed knows of a terrible fate that will befall James if he continues to eat his favourite snacks, but James isn't convinced...

Xmas in

James is suspicious that Ed is involved in some sort of massive out-of-season conspiracy...


James and Ed try to figure out what they are going to do with the tent... and the duplicates in the backyard


Everything has led to this. What does it all mean? Has something been conspiring against the boys the whole time? The thrilling conclusion to the YM saga is here!

Music by Kevin Macleod

Real outtakes.mp4

Check out some of the behind the scenes and outtakes from our skits

Music by Kevin Macleod

Christmas Special.mp4

Be a part of the Christmas spirit with carols and skits from our Youth Matters family!

Additional Music by Kevin Macleod